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Roo Kline

Looking for my events?
list below was last updated
on 10 Sept 2014
28 Sep
How To Train Your Fiber
Endless Farms Alpacas
Elberon, VA
23-26 Oct
Vendor booth #77
+ Triloom Weaving
+ Alpaca 101
+ Variegated Yarn Dyeing

Asheville, NC
1-2 Nov
Vendor booth
& free mini workshops

Royal Alpaca Challenge
Conyers, GA
6-7 December 2014
Vendor booth &
classes TBA

VAOBA Alpaca Expo
Doswell, VA
7-8 March 2015
Vendor booth &
classes TBA

Sevierville, TN
April 2015
Vendor booth &
classes TBA

Harrisburg, PA
May 2015
Vendor booth &
classes TBA

KY Sheep & Fiber Festival
Lexington, KY
May 2015
Vendor booth &
+ How To Train Your Fiber
+ How to Train Your Fiber II

Middle TN Fiber Festivall
Dickson, TN
May 2015
Vendor booth &
+ How To Train Your Fiber
and other classes TBA

Magnolia St. Fiber Festival
Vicksburg, MS

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News: Pearl infused ROSE FIBER samples have been shipped of the Phat Fiber headquarters, and freshly dyed full sized pieces have been listed in my Artfire store. I first came across this when I was at SAFF last year, another vendor had received a shipment of it in error when she had ordered plain rose fiber. A little skeptic of the whole 'ground pearl dust infusion' statement, but very excited that this could be the disovery of a new and upcoming fiber, I purchased a pound of it. Upon doing some research, I discovered that it was in fact the truth! We imported a bale of it last month, it arrived two days before the first spring fiber festival kicked off, the timing could not have been better to introduce this exquisite fiber to the cottage industry. What a delight it was, to see the faces of everyone who ran their fingers through it.

A second bale is expected mid-end July, hopefully this next import will go a little smoother than the first one - advance orders for this new shipment of ecru sliver can be placed in the Artfire store also. If you need a pound or more of it let me know (through email or Facebook PM), I can extend a bulk discount for that.

With my recent decision to depart from the very hectic and time consuming Alpaca Fiber Solutions project I can shortly devote my attention 100% back to Moonwood Farm to get some loose ends tried up. This includes a depressingly large stack of paperwork on my desk and the very long-overdue final shipment of the Moonbeam Club which has been gathering a thick layer of dust in a corner of my living room. I think all that ready and waiting split fiber will be tossed and something new and fresh created to celebrate my return.

22 June 2014


Jade Pearl rose fiber is here!

CLICK to see available colourways

The BAMBOO LIBRARY (BUFFET) is now available online! >> CLICK HERE

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